Hi! I am a PhD Candidate, science communicator and TEDx speaker!

My PhD research focuses on studying the proteins that are necessary for bacteriophage assembly. Bacteriophage (or phage) are viruses that are specific to bacteria. Phage have the potential to regulate bacterial populations, including bacteria that harm human health. I use techniques such as NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and other biophysical methods to understand the intricate workings and design of these proteins.

3MT Slide by Sasha Weiditch

I love the everyday uniqueness of being in scientific research, the infinite possibilities for learning and potential for innovation through research. I believe scientific growth is fostered through the inclusion of diverse minds. Through my social media pages, I share my passion for engaging in science and advocate for women in STEM. The series ‘PhDenomenal PhDemale’  highlights female scientists by sharing their experience, field of research and/or scientific work.


You can find me on Instagram @scigirlsash where create science-based content that is fun, engaging and timely. Using this platform I also share personal reflections on grad school, the life of a scientific researcher and of course, PhDenomenal PhDemale profiles.